CUSTOMER'S Satisfaction

A Happy and Satisfied customers are more nicely to stick around & recommend your business to others. WE at DMS believes in customer satisfaction.

Innovative Technology

DMS Believes to invest on Technology. We encourage and disseminate the creation and development of new innovative products, technologies and ideas for development of new markets.

Quality Oriented

We are committed to provide our customers with best quality and efficient.

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Who We Are

DMS Energy Pvt. Ltd. a renowned company in the automotive battery industry, has been manufacturing high-quality automotive batteries and tall tubular batteries since its establishment in 2007.

HADI is a brand under the umbrella of DMS Energy Pvt. Ltd., a leading player in the energy sector. With a strong emphasis on excellence and innovation, HADI has built a reputation for delivering reliable and long-lasting battery solutions for various applications.

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Services, We can proudly say that our products are world class quality as

we conduct each tests in our lab.